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How to transfer your domain to GoDaddy

After purchasing a domain from HugeDomains, you may be eligible to transfer it to GoDaddy. You'll need to prepare your domain before initiating the transfer.

Domains purchased with payment plans are not eligible to transfer until all payments have been made. Please remember that our 30-day money back guarantee is void once a domain has been transferred.

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Prepare your domain at NameBright.com

Step 1: Complete the checkout process at HugeDomains.

Step 2: HugeDomains will create an account for you at our registrar, NameBright.com.

Step 3: Check your inbox for an email containing your NameBright account login information.

Step 4: Login to NameBright using the credentials in your email.

NameBright login

Step 5: On NameBright, go to My Account > Domains and click on your domain.

Domain Settings

Step 6: Unlock the domain, copy the Authorization Code and click 'Save'.

Domain Locking

Initiate the transfer at GoDaddy

Once you've prepared your domain name, you can finish the process through GoDaddy.

Step 7: Confirm the domain is unlocked at GoDaddy. You'll see a green check mark next to Unlock the domain.

Step 8: Enter your Authorization Code. If the authorization code entered is valid, you'll get a green checkmark.

Step 9: Click Continue.

Step 10: Select your domain privacy options and click Continue.

Step 11: Choose your payment method and click Complete Purchase to finish checkout.

Note: You may transfer the domain to any registrar; the initiation procedure will be similar depending upon which registrar you choose.

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