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The right domain name captures the essence of this companies’ philosophy

Dexter and Tonya Scott have spent years motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their own way or comfort zones, and instead; get a front-row-seat in life. After starting their careers in Goverment, they are now seen as the go-to couple for helping people push past limited thinking and limited beliefs.

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We are a personal development company that specializes in helping people improve their lives by overcoming limitations, removing blockages and developing the mindset for success.

We specialize in an area that most people overlook which is mindset and we do it as a married couple in business.

We believe that everything else gets UPgraded (houses, cell phones, cars) but we neglect UPgrading our minds.

Dexter and Tonya Scott


We first had to believe in ourselves and our ability to overcome our own obstacles before helping others.


We want our name to stand for the GO TO brand for everything personal development related. When people think of improving their life and performance, they think of our company.

We immerse our customers / clients in a process where they can FEEL the inner change and the outer results from our assessments, workshops and training's.


We are elated when we can personally see the changes that our clients wanted and believed for. It helps us know we are on the right track.

My wife and I have a combined over 22,000 followers on FB alone which has been our major platform. We have been marketing our name "The UPgraders" since 2016 and with the purchase of the domain, we have been able to cast out net further. The name is unique, captures everything related to improvement and promotes a sense of being better.

Upgrade Your Life Podcast
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